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King Enterprises karachi Custom clearing Agent on country wide basis are pleased to inform that we are skilled, well-experienced and full-dedicated for providing the best Excess Baggage Custom Cleareance Services for imports and exports of personel baggage goods, We have our own Customs Licence (FBR) since 2006 as Customs Brokers for Customs Clearance services. We have thourgh knowledge of Tariff Classification, Notification, Customs Act, Customs Rules and Regulation, Duty concesion, Duty Exemption Schemes, SVB Proceedues, Duty Drawback Claim, Customs Duty Refund, Licence Verification, Clearance of capital goods, second hand machines etc. We handle both export and import of any products


Our services cover all aspects of sea and air freight, including creating export and import documents.

I hope that with our introduction, we will be able to receive your reply and any inquiries with regards to our services provided. Please revert to us and it will be our great pleasure to assist you and ensure that your business needs are met!

All airlines have strict limits on the free baggage allowance which may accompany a passenger on their flight. This allowance is dependent on the ticket class traveled and where you are travelling to. If you exceed this weight by generally more than 0.5kgs, "excess baggage" charges will apply, and are strictly enforced by the airline. Excess baggage charges imposed by the airlines are expensive. These are usually charged per kilogram, with some airlines charging as much as $70.00 dollars per kilogram of excess baggage presented at the airport check in counter.

Baggage Storage

Whether you need to leave your luggage for a long or a short period, King Enterprises Karachi custom Clearing Agent Excess Baggage has the secure storage facilities you need. Our competitive charges - payable on collection - include generous discounts for 25 items or more. All items - which, of course, are accepted at our discretion - receive a careful security check. For further information, including rates and locations, please visit our website.

Baggage Shipping

King Enterprises Karachi custom Clearing Agent Excess Baggage operates the ultimate baggage shipping service. Simply turn up at any of our in-terminal locations – there is absolutely no need to book in advance. Just 20 minutes’ processing time per booking, and your baggage shipping needs have been sorted.

Please allow plenty of time before your flight.

Luggage and Travel Accessories

King Enterprises Karachi custom Clearing Agent Excess Baggage thinks of everything! At our shops, left luggage and storage areas, you will find top-brand luggage and travel accessories at today's most competitive prices. We can even deliver direct to your door.

Welcome to Worldwide Language Delivery

King Enterprises Karachi custom Clearing Agent is an expert in sending excess baggage and personal effects as unaccompanied baggage by air to more than 600 destinations globally. At worldwide Delivery Service, we believe in providing a friendly, professional relocating service to every single client.

King Enterprises Karachi custom Clearing Agent offering best quality express courier freight forwarding, baggage shipping, shipping quote, transportation and logistics solutions.

Our well trained experts will gently talk about your relocating needs to make sure you acquire the best level of service on each step. So what do we do? Well, we provide an efficient and affordable excess baggage service, sending personal items door-to-door. It works like this:

If you need our services, so you can order our Large and Standard boxes from us, including FREE packing materials (bubble wrap, parcel tape, big marker pen)

We’ll drop off the boxes at your address so you can pack them to suit your needs; you are under no obligation to use all the boxes. There is no charge for any boxes you return undamaged

Arrange a collection date with us and we’ll arrive to collect your baggage freight whether in boxes or suitcases or both< br>
We’ll then send the boxes to your chosen destination

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  • We ship by Air or Sea Freight to and from anywhere in the world!

Worldwide Excess Baggage Destinations

Take a look at the major countries we currently serve with our comprehensive excess baggage shipping service:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • France
  • South Africa
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Singapore

We also handle door to door shipments for your convenience.

We ship anything to anywhere.